Cryptocurrency Rebound: Bitcoin Cash Bounced Back By 12%

The cryptocurrency market had experienced a positive rebound after the dropping of all major cryptocurrencies in the previous week. The traders had recorded that the major coins had gained a double digit with BTC trading at $7,500 and Bitcoin Cash trading above $1,000.

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Cryptocurrency Price Analysis

Bitcoin traders were disappointed as the coin was not going the level above $1000. Then there they witnessed a hike of 12% within 24 hours and 24% increase in the price within 48 hours which made the traders happy. It will be fascinating as the creators are still in the market.

The Ripple was also able gain $0.60 level by pointing out that hike in the price can be expected in short time. May the increase in the adoption of the Ripple protocol paved the way for the increase in the price. Ripple is set for more gains in the next few days.

Ethereum, the most attention gained coin also had attractive bounce in the price up to $600 which was dropped to below $550 a few days before.

Not only these three coins but also other coins like Litecoin gone up to  $120 level and the EOS also gained back to $12 after it loss. Also it is expected that the announcement of its mainnet launch will push EOS into a whole new trading level.

NEO had also crossed the level of $50 and the Stellar Lumens also gained 10% and is expected that it may push towards to $0.30 soon.

Dash had only showed a significant movement and stood around $300 while Cardano had maintained the level of $0.40. Ethereum Classic is at the level of $15.

This will be a happy news for the crypto market and for the traders. They will be expecting that the coins is going to record more gains. Even though the traders have to keep looking the price before considering the long-term moves as the coins are experiencing the fluctuations.

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