Electroneum Price Prediction: ETN Price May Touch $0.0355?

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Electroneum is mobile crypto, which has been created for mass adoption and intends to make it happen by making it extra easy for smartphone users to earn Electroneum. ETN concentrates more on speeding up the microtransactions, like buying mobile games, making payments for apps, and transferring money to friends. The Electroneum ICO, which was started on 14th September 2017 has completed rather averagely the past related to other cryptos. There are a large number of cryptos which have paid their investors much better returns than Electroneum has. But, it has been able to produce interest from investors because of its unique characteristics like mobile mining.

What is Electroneum?

Electroneum (ETN) is second-generation crypto that is primarily designed to assist the 2 billion+ smartphone users. One of the most innovative developments Electroneum has to offer is that its users can mine Electroneum employing their mobile phones. The project is concentrated mainly on appealing to the computer gaming and gaming industries and their participants, with the aim of making the use of their coin as hassle-free and straightforward as probable. There is a high degree of cooperation and enthusiasm for the Electroneum project within its user base and it has one of the more dynamic communities of any cryptocurrency on the business.

Electroneum Is Picking a Lot of Fights

Things appear to be going Electroneum’s way, but with its hands in such multiple pots, it has a lot of fight. OmiseGo, for example, is developing a similar mobile payment blockchain in Southeast Asia. Dash is executing a similar mortgage network in South America. Pundi X built a network of retail POS devices over Latin America and portions of Southeast Asia. Indie developers like MyDream Interactive and Decentraland, along with programs like Signal Zero and GameCredits are operating on video game cryptos.

And these are just the blockchain and crypto competitors – let’s not neglect legacy organizations you’ve heard of like PayPal, Facebook, Google, Apple, Samsung, Visa, MasterCard, and everyone else struggling for mobile payments dominance. PayPal controls mobile payments in the U.S., with $155 billion in mobile payment volume, serving over 70 percent market share. The video game manufacturing is another $138 billion industry Electroneum is expecting to disrupt. And major existing developers like Blizzard and Valve are continually trying new ways to perform crypto into their games. World of Warcraft once used Blizzcoin to combine Bitcoin, but it now uses WoWCoin to blend real-world money into its existing auction marketplace.

KYC and AML yielding only got Electroneum’s foot in the (admittedly exclusive) door. Now it’s fighting in the big organizations. Every country and region has members in the mobile payments space, and ETN is going to require to spend a lot of marketing dollars creating up consumer and vendor approval in its two-sided marketplace. It also wants to draw developers, more particularly video game developers.

This is why it designed the mobile app and virtual miner. Mobile miners aren’t preparing any blockchain transactions. They’re merely acting as a viral marketing program to spread the usage of cryptocurrency and mining to the masses.

ETN Price Analysis

Electroneum concentrates on tapping into mobile users by presenting user-friendly mobile mining. ETN has invented the phrase ‘enablement currency’ as it is going to provide 3 trillion dollar market by enabling over 350m smartphone users in the developing world to advance into the digital market for the very first time. With immediate advantages to the mobile operators in the regions, including significant transactional cost savings, some operators can take us to well over 100 million users and many more workers in negotiation. With over 1.6 million recorded users, they have faster viral maturity than both Facebook and Twitter over the same period. Their Android app is already completely operational in 20 languages, which makes user convenience high.

They are generating an API which will allow the natural combination to ACCEPT ETN instantly. This means it will be simple to enable an e-commerce system to give instant check out and even allows easy integration into ePOS methods (electronic point of sales systems or tills). Their instantaneous payment API system is still in BETA, which is expected to get finished in the next year itself as the developers are operating on it. They are about to begin the vendor directory by next year wherein you can get to see the vendors who have adopted ETN. Even starting the instant payment option is under construction which might go live by 2019 itself. With all these improvements around, 2019 is looking bright, and the price of ETN might grow to approximately 0.0355 by the end of 2019.


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