Ellen DeGeneres $4 million XRP – A Major Boost For Ripple

Ripple (XRP) got a major boost of awareness because of the donation of $4 million XRP for Ellen DeGeneres which was a donation for his wildlife fund which had received in a show. It had transferred to Rwandese Currency. But if it were transferred through traditional transaction methods, it would have been taken several days. Anyway, this event had made Ripple more popular among the people.

Ellen Show Boosted Ripple Popularity

Actor and Tech investor Ashton Kutcher surprised the comedian and talk-show host Ellen by donating $4 million XRP tokens to her wildlife charity on her 60th Birthday. There is no doubt that this show had made the popularity of the Ripple more among the people. As Ellen is a celebrity and popular, some people who have no idea about the Ripple will take an interest in the coin. The people will be following the transaction method of Ripple that enables a person to send money across the world within seconds which will help XRP for its long-term growth. There is a kind of power that media holds over the people who is concerned about investments which is the reason for the reaction of the market when news on crypto was coming up in the media.

Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis

The predictors are asserting that Ripple will be a 5+ year holding an investment with chances that it would turn out to be the largest facilitator of international payments across the world in the future. Ripple price is marked today as $0.604963 which is 4.53% less than that of the previous day with a market cap $23,708,480,756. Yesterday the market closed with the price $0.605661. The trade had begun today with the price of $0.6050707.

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