Ethereum Classic Price Prediction: ETC Can Return Almost Fivefold Return!

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Ethereum classic is the first Ethereum crypto. The ETH blockchain is based on the smart contracts system. It also enables the developers to operate various applications as well. With the guidance of decentralized blockchain, the developers will be ready to run the application with enhanced security efficiently. Moreover, smart contracts can be executed easily on the blockchain. While the applications of Ethereum may be plenty but most of the crypto enthusiasts are just interested in understanding the price predictions of Ethereum Classic.

What is Ethereum Classic?

ETC is an open-sourced Blockchain-based program that allows smart-contracts and has a Turing-complete programming language. ETC came to existence after Ethereum hard fork that took place in 2016 following The DAO collapse. The Ethereum Classic is the original Ethereum Blockchain supported by the people who believed in the core principles of Ethereum like the immutability of Blockchain and “code is law.” They rejected the requirement of a hard fork to fix the wound after someone exploited The DAO vulnerabilities.

Ethereum Classic Price Analysis

Ethereum Classic can present you with an almost fivefold return in 5 years. This is good enough for any crypto investor. Moreover, since the volatility is relatively on the lower side, it will become more comfortable for you to bring some stability to your portfolio with the guidance of this crypto.
Also, since it is public crypto, you can be assured that there will be no more forks to this crypto. This will also mean that the price of the cryptocurrency is retained as well. When the value of the cryptocurrency is employed, it will indeed become more comfortable for you to gain from the value rise as well.

How High Can The Price Of Ethereum Classic Go?

Over the past few months, ETC has gotten improved popularity as more people are starting to learn about the hard fork of Ethereum. The program has gained the trust of investors particularly now that Ethereum is having a stormy time. Ethereum Classic does everything Ethereum does but it does it a little better, and its native tokens are reasonable. It’s true that the value of Ethereum Classic has been on a downtrend for a while now, but it’s necessary to note that it isn’t the only coin bearing a price collapse. But the currency has managed to survive this trend and now is in a better position on the market. If the market stays in favor of ETC, the value of ETC can go high up to $5.70.

Ethereum Classic Will Sell Well Above $100

ETC is on the way to triple digits so if you’re thinking of selling off, don’t. Ethereum Classic has shown to be rather strong crypto over the months. The price spike in the wake of the Coinbase listing announcement provided to encouraging the Ethereum Classic community that the cryptocurrency is a worthy contender. As Coinbase declared that it would be listing Ethereum Classic (ETC), there was an unusual positive sentiment in the value and volume of ETC. Ethereum Classic one of the few cryptos that were bullish on the weekly chart. Before now, Coinbase didn’t declare the listing of a coin until one day ahead. This time, it stated that it would be filing Ethereum Classic (ETC) months before the date. This is a game changer that gave investors the chance to purchase and hold ahead before the values skyrocket due to the Coinbase influence.

Will Ethereum Classic Be a Good Investment in 2019?

Going into 2019, ETC has been going strong. Currently, it is selling at $3.69. In the long term, we consider that it will serve as a good enough investment. The point that it is much less volatile than the other cryptos on the market also makes it more possible to see substantial gains in the year 2019.
Additionally, Coinbase’s decision to list the currency on its platform also had a positive impact on the crypto’s standing in the market. We are not making any bold claims here, but we are also encouraged to hold on to your ETH tokens for a little longer.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in search to invest in Ethereum classic, it is essential to look into these few factors and after that take an investment call. Currently, the price appears to be rolling around affirmative levels, and you can think about investment at the current prices. If you’re willing to hold for an extended period of time, you will be able to get good returns from these levels.

Disclaimer: This feature should not be exercised as, and is not designed to provide, investment advice. Coinpriceprediction and its affiliates, employees, and writers give information about the coin with careful analysis. Please conduct your thorough study before funding in any crypto.

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