Ethereum, Ripple Prices: Crypto Market Cap to Historic Milestone

This week made another milestone in the history of cryptocurrencies by the combined market caps, which surged above $500 billion marks on the tail end of an altcoin rally which was led by the Ethereum and ripple prices.

Worth of Half a Trillion Dollars currently for Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency market cap has started its day at  $467 billion, and it was seen as implausible to reach $500 that much swiftly. It was because that the bitcoin ended the day trading sidewise, but the leap was surprised. Anyway, the surge of the altcoin fueled the crypto market cap to leap above the $500 billion breaking the barrier on Tuesday evening and in dues course it raised up to $505.9 billion before subsided to the present value which is $504.3 billion.

In this level, the worth of the cryptocurrencies has raised more than that of Berkshire-Hathaway, the holding company run by legendary investor and Bitcoin Skeptic which is run by Warren Buffet.

Bitcoin Price Holds Above $17,000

Usually, one will expect that these market cap rallies to coincide with the surge in the dramatic bitcoin climbs, which is a wrong thought in today’s case. In spite of the fact that the bitcoin price has raised an all-time high on bitcoin exchange Bitfinex. On the global average, it has topped out at $17,781 before it fell back towards its previous day level. Currently, the bitcoin price is trading at $17,184. It has just represented a single-day development or increase of one percent and provided bitcoin with a $287.6 billion market cap.


Ethereum Price Visioned $700

In the following successive days, the price of the Ethereum has raised about 25%, and it has been extended up to $686. Now the Ethereum price is trading in a $65.6 billion market cap which is at the global average of $681.


There are many factors played for this surge. The first one is that the increasing transaction volumes of Ethereum. Yesterday, it showed that the Ethereum network had been processed an average of 10 transactions per second for whole the day which is a new all-time high.

Ripple Headlines March Past $500 Billion

Wednesday was another lucky day for the altcoins which was led by Ethereum and ripple. For the first time in the history, the total altcoin market has risen above the $200 billion mark.

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The third-largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin cash has risen three percent for the day, but its closest rival is growing increasingly more extensive in its rearview mirror.

It is because that the ripple price have outbursted by 71% in among the voracious demand from the Korean traders. Now, Ripple has a market cap of $18.4. It means that it can override the bitcoin cash and rise to third in the rankings if it can replicate this single day performance for one more time.


Ripple’s leap hs allowed it to race back ahead of the Litecoin. At the same time on Wednesday morning onwards the fantastic and marvellous gains of Litecoin began to reduce which paved the way for the rice at the price of Ripples. At present, the price of Litecoin is trading at $310, which shows the increase of 12% within a single day.

IOTA which was sixth-ranked and only one of the cryptocurrency which was in the top 10 to decline for the day perhaps indicating that the bulls have run out of steam following last week’s incredible rally.

Each Dash and Monero have crossed historic milestones after double-digit percentage price increases. Currently, they are valued at $916 and $330, respectively. Ninth-ranked NEM traded sideways, while bitcoin gold rose by about seven percent to round out the top 10.

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