Games on the Ethereum Blockchain: Microsoft, Nintendo and Electronic Arts Developers

A studio known as 8 Circuit Studios comprises of developers from prominent video game companies such as Nintendo, Microsoft, Electronic Arts and 343 Industries have begun building games on the Ethereum blockchain.  James Mayo is president of the studio who is known for his work on Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World, Age of Empires 2 and ‘F.E.A.R.’.

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Ethereum Blockchain Presents A World of Possibilities

Alien Arsenal, the first mobile game released by the studio on the Ethereum blockchain was created with the 8Bit Token. It was distributed to players through the Space Drop Program. The game is featuring an Alien which can be upgraded in fighting the battle for the blockchain. This game is the very first upgradable digital assets ever made. The token can be used to level-up and trade with other players.

A new gane has created be released in next year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and regular computers. D-PARC, the new game is about creating a character that will not die. The life of the character will be fused to harga dagcoin Ethereum blokchain and the player can decide about carrying out eternal consequences.

The game is meant to join the psychological survival mechanics with a players perspective. The script of the game is based on ship n-SATOSHI Bitcoin creator’s callback.

During the announcement, James Mayo said that, “ The phase one of the projects will be to save the state of the character while the second phase will allow players to bring the character in future published games. At the final phase, users will be able to bring characters into games irrespective of the publishers or the platform.”

The Ethereum blockchain opens a world of limitless possibilities to anyone interested in tapping into the technology.

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