NEM Price Forecasts 2018 – Wise to Invest XEM

The crypto world is shocked by the recent hacking of Tether. NEM provides more security when it compared to other cryptocurrencies. The team has taken measures to overcome the security problem and introduced in the market.  And the analysts say that it had made a significant increase in its value that is more than 1000%. Paytomat, a decentralized payment service also joins NEM with helping XEM to gains adoption of global mainstream.

NEM Price Forecasts 2018

Currently, the XEM is traded at the price of $0.279798 with a market cap $2,518,182,000  and volume of $15,190,500. At the time of writing the price have been gone down up to 8.66% over the night. Before dropping it had peaked to $1.90 on 4th January. The NEM price is forecasted to reach $0.68 by the beginning of November 2018. The predictors say that by the month of October the price is going to be $0.78. It is expected that by the end of the year the price of XEM will be $ 0.84.

XEM Good/Bad investment

If you are looking for a better investment option with a good return, XEM could potentially be a profitable investment option for you. The NEM price at the moment is $0.279798. If you bought $200 worth of NEM today, you would get a total of 650.895469 XEM. Based on our NEM forecast, a price increase is expected in the future with more adoption of NEM, the price forecast for 2023-05-23 is $57.71. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +37,360.00%. Your $200.00 investment into XEM may be worth $37,560.00 by 2023.

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