Predicting BCH Price – Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction for November 2018


Bitcoin Cash began this month with a price of $1391.35.  On 15th November 2018, it had made a hard fork which is known as Bitcoin ABC. It quadruples the block size from 8MB to 32MB. The BCH was began its trade on that day at 1467.43 USD and closed at 1383.77 USD.  The price of BCH has doubled since the beginning of April.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis

Bitcoin cash price recovered and managed to move above the $1,250 resistance against the US Dollar. The price traded higher and it managed to move above the $1,200 and $1,240 resistance levels. The price of Bitcoin Cash is currently showing positive signs as it is above $1250. The BCH had started the trade today with a price at $1091.90. At the time of writing it is 1263.36 USD. Yesterday it was closed with the price at $1291.47. The BCH has a high potential for growth with a major support level of $1240  and the major Resistance level $1300.

Bitcoin Cash – Price prediction in November 2018

Bitcoin Cash price equal to 1249.72 Dollars a coin. And today’s range is marked as $1249.72 – $1301.21. The Bitcoin Cash is showing a positive sign as it is above 1250 USD. When we make a study on the performance o BCH in the previous week it shows a liitle drop in the price totally. But according to the analysis, it had risen to 0.94% in last 24 Hours. Tomorrow we can expect that the price will have risen to $1319 and it is expected that this week’s trade will be closed at $1394.

The team is going to prepare another fork in November 2018. With the block size now being increased to 32 MB, transaction speeds too are expected to be faster.

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