Pundi X Price Prediction February 2019: NPXS Price May Touch $0.001348!

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Pundi X (NPXS) is one of the rare performing coins amidst the market collision, where it expanded 5,500 of its blockchain-led Point Of Sales tools (XPOS) already which could lead to mass selection. Pundi X strives to reach out to as many users as viable, and then add tens of thousands of new links to FunctionX, it’s new blockchain ecosystem as told by the Vice President (VP) of the fellowship, Junde Yu.

2019 is the year for Pundi X, as it has plans of conducting its adjustment ecosystem- the XWallet, XPASS, and XPOS, which would be of great help to authorities, retailers and payment companies, which would lead to fast-paced growth. The Pundi X community has full-fledged ideas of securing the payment ecosystem and improving the payment foundation amid hyperinflation.

What is Pundi X?

Pundi X is a very new project, founded in 2017 with the sole intention to make crypto available to more people. Pundi was started by a veteran team full of crypto experience, described Wokoworks team, and they are well known for making crypto wallets. Pundi’s network is build of X POS, which are smart crypto terminals. The central ideology of the Pundi X team is to combine their wallet clients to a new system, after which cryptos can be utilized for making payments for several services which the organization would perform. The best part is that the customers do not have to worry about fiat to crypto conversion as the system provides for fiat/crypto exchanges as and when required.
Pundi X has partnered with many reputable institutions and massive projects. Pundi X is nevertheless based on centralized and decentralized solutions, which may pose some difficulty to some of the users.

Pundi X Price Analysis

The Pundi X price forecast shows that the coin is more than a prudent long-term investment. It has a noble aim in mind, and with its current value, it can still bring a small chance in a few years. Of course, there is no guarantee that situations will play out the way investigators are expecting them to. After all, nobody can understand the future, and unpredictable can always happen, especially when cryptos are included. Still, with the price of progress that digital coins have been making in terms of selection has been pretty high lately. If this remains, who knows, maybe the currency will even exceed these expectations. As regularly, all we can do at this time is to wait and see.

Why is Pundi X (NPXS) the best cryptocurrency performer today?

The purpose of Pundi X is to enable users to use their crypto Holdings with the aid of their smartphones. As a conclusion, they can make POS transactions with the crypto they hold. Moreover, its plans are not just restricting itself to a few cryptos but a broad basket of cryptos. It will mean that without modifying your cryptocurrency from one to another, you can comfortably spend it with the guidance of your smartphone. It is an opportunistic goal, but Pundi X is moving towards that area. In the past 24 hours, it has grown by 8.31%. While the increase might not seem much but when you take into account the reality that most of the other Altcoins and cryptos are in the red, it is the top player. It is currently trading around $ 0.0006. That is why it is positively gaining the limelight today when the other cryptos are suffering heavily.

Pundi X Price Prediction 2019

In 2019, Pundi X is preparing to launch Function X testnet. The new smartphone delivered last year, which operates on the Android operating system and is beneficial than physical SIM card denial, within eSIM technology. Most of the people are twisted towards holding NPXS coin as the token owner’s profit every month for a 3-year time frame during token delivery using Proof of Stake (PoS). This unique factor points to more and more user expansion and adoption. Pundi lately announced a partnership with UAE’s official credit bureau, emCredit, which can allow bill payments across the city. By the close of 2019, it is expected that Pundi X may reach $0.001348, which is almost as twice the current value. In Sao Paulo, Brazil, recently a newsstand began XPOS for people to top up and accept crypto.

Pundi X Price Prediction In 5 Years

Pundi X selections and partnerships may grow exponentially in 5 years time span. Pundi is going to control more festivals like ULTRA Taiwan, across the world, where the dealer adoptions would increase manifold. NPXS is even working towards becoming the biggest offline sales network (like Walmart) through its offline sales solution in the years to come by 2025. By 2023, NPXS may reach $0.00337, which might serve it go up the ranking order, too.

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