Raiden Network Token Price Prediction for November 2018 – RDN News and Announcements

What is Raiden Network Token(RDN)?

The Raiden Network is an off-chain scaling solution, enabling near-instant, low-fee, and scalable payments. It’s complementary to the Ethereum blockchain and works with any ERC20 compatible tokens.

Raiden Network Token(RDN): History

Raiden Network is complementary to the Ethereum blockchain and works with any ERC20 compatible token. Raiden Network has completed its ICO on 2nd Nov 2017 using Dutch Auction method. Led by blockchain consulting firm Brainbot and its co-founder Heiko Hees, the milestone will be the latest for a project first unveiled in 2015 as a way to increase transaction capacity on the world’s second-largest blockchain.

How does Raiden Network Token(RDN)Work?

Raiden Network’s technology can be expressed as a layer on top of the blockchain, ultimately creating a cooperative union between it and Ethereum’s basic framework. It removes the need for global consensus, which significantly reduces the networks capability to scale at improved levels. Eliminating the need for a global agreement is “done by leveraging a network of payment channels which allow to securely transfer value off-chain, i.e., without involving the blockchain for every transfer.

How to buy Raiden Network Token(RDN)?

The users have to do three crucial steps to trade the RDN. They are Setting up a Raiden Network Token wallet, buying Ethereum and then exchanging Ethereum for Raiden Network Token. The most convenient wallet option for storing your Raiden Network Token coins- provided by MyEtherWallet which can save any coin on the Ethereum blockchain, including Raiden Network Token. Then go to an exchange which helps you to get your coin. Using some other coin like Ethereum you can trade RDN from the exchange.

Raiden Network Token(RDN) price prediction 2018

RDN can be a profitable investment option. Raiden Network Token price equal to 2.845 USD at 2018-02-05. If you buy Raiden Network Token for 100 dollars today, you will get a total of 35.155 RDN. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the price prognosis for 2023-01-28 is 79.899 US Dollars. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +2708.89%. Your current $100 investment may be up to $2808.89 in 2022. RDN price today is $2.84 and the market cap value is $142,257,988. The volume is $6,991,190, and the current supply is 50,148,936 RDN. RDN price chart, RDN price today, RDN history, where to buy, how to buy, RDN mining, RDN exchanges, RDN wallets.

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