SingularityNET (AGI) November 2018 Price Predictions, Exchanges and Announcements

What is SingularityNET (AGI)?

SingularityNET is a decentralized marketplace for AI algorithms. SingularityNET, found online at, aims to solve major problems with the modern AI market.

SingularityNET (AGI): History

Ben Goertzel is the founder and CEO of SingularityNET, a blockchain-based AI marketplace. In late November, SingularityNET announced a token sale. That token sale has begun on December 8, 2017. SingularityNET is led by Dr. Ben Goertzel (CEO and Chief Scientist), Dr. David Hanson (Robotics Lead), and Cassio Pennachin (CTO). The highly-advanced AI system “Sophia Hanson,” is listed as the “Chief Humanoid” of the company.

The platform is also powered by some of the leading companies in AI, the blockchain, and robotics, including OpenCog, Hanson Robots, Vulpem Ventures, and Novamente. In late November 2017, SingularityNET announced a $36 million ICO to fund its expansion.

How does SingularityNET (AGI) Work?

SingularityNET is an open-source protocol and collection of smart contracts for a decentralized market of coordinated AI services. Within this framework, anyone can access AI tech or become a stakeholder in its development. Anyone can add an AI/machine learning service to SingularityNET for use by the network, and receive network payment tokens in exchange. Blockchain provides a powerful tool for managing transactions in a Singularity-era economy. But blockchain is just a tool, and it must be used in the right way. The Singularity Token (AGI) is a utility token for AI developers and businesses to access, use, and improve the SingularityNET. Developers get AGI to enhance the network and launch AIs. Enterprises use AGI to buy and sell services on the network.

How to buy SingularityNET (AGI)?

A convenient and secure mobile wallet is needed to keep your coin safe. Then you can trade some other coins to get your coin from an exchange. The AGI token lets anyone transact AI services globally, without censorship or exclusion. The AGI token incentivizes network participates in helping the best AI services get discovered and improve the network.The AGI token makes global AI to AI microservices industry come to life, allowing organizations to buy processing on demand.

SingularityNET (AGI) Price prediction 2018

About a week ago, the token was released on a few small exchanges, including Kucoin for the highest volume and Tidex with the second highest. When first released, the token peaked ar around $2.30 and is now averaging around $.74. The tokens that are currently in circulation are just of the public token sale, which can give an estimated value of anywhere between $30-75 million market cap. Now, the AI marketplace is about a $122 billion market. By 2025, researchers expect that this can become a $3.05 trillion market. SingularityNET price today is $0.680623 and the market cap value is $301,403,885. The volume is $2,219,750, and the current supply is 442,835,292 AGI. SingularityNET price today, SingularityNET price chart, SingularityNET history, SingularityNET mining, where to buy, wallets. 

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