Steem Price Prediction, STEEM up to $2.634! – November 2018

Steem is described as a primary unit of account on a platform termed Steemit. Steemit is a Blockchain-based platform where users can publish content and vote on it like on every different social media platform, but with the exception that on Stemmit, they are compensated with tokens. The recent changes in the market had a significant impact on the values of DGB. So the investors are demanding the STEEM Analysis. We analyze the value of the crypto and give the possible future costs. These projections are made according to today’s price. It cannot be correct all the time.

Steem Forecast 2018

Steem token came to life in 2016. The coin which is currently among the top 50 currencies of the crypto space has come a long way in a short span of time. The Steem networking platform is a robust and adaptive platform. Despite being a relatively small token, steem has seen a flourishing growth in the user base. Our predictors have stated that STEEM will be experiencing a growth in its value by the end of this year and may reach up to $2.91 which is a 241.26% hike.

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How high can Steem price go in 2018?

The steemit platform has grown high in the past few months. It is the coin used to power the whole system. The users can buy, sell Steem and also can convert it to Steem dollars and Steem power. The virtual market was in a turmoil of falling prices as the market has been facing a massive crisis. The crypto markets are finally recovering from this crashes as almost all the coins were seen trading against green. Steem prices which were suffering a downward pull as a result of the recent market crashes and network issues have gradually gained a rise. After the analysis of the coin our predictors have stated that the coin may go high up to $3.64.

Steem (STEEM): History

In March 2016 the idea of Steem was discussed in a whitepaper which was updated in August 2017. Later, Ned Scott and Dan Larimer (creator of BitShares) founded the company.The general concept was similar to other blogging websites like Reddit, but the text content is saved in a blockchain. The steem was started with a high inflationary supply model with 100% growth every year. In 2016 the inflation was brought down to 9.5% per annum. In March 2017 Dan Larimer has resigned from the company, and new marketing team was announced. The recent changes in the market had a considerable impact on the trading values of this coin. but the coin managed to eep up its values and trade in the green at the crisis time. The crypto world is in the recovery stage. This has effected the values of Steem also. the values are slowly picking up and turning out to be a good profitable investment for the future.

Steem Price Today, Tomorrow and This Week

The digital currency is currently trading at $0.879 after an decrease of 1.82% in the last twenty-four hours. The predictors believe that the amount is going to have a 2.97% change and will go down to $0.8453. And it is predicted that by the end of this week the value of STEEM will again decrease down to $0.8450  with a change of 3.00%. These values cannot be taken as it is, the market may fluctuate anytime. But these type of forecasts gives hopes to the investors to continue to fund in this crypto.

DisclaimerThe content provided in the article should not be practiced as it is, and is not meant to provide, investment advice. Coinsmarketcap and its members, representatives, and writers give the information of the coin with careful study. Please conduct your precise survey before investing in any crypto.


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