Stellar Lumens Price Prediction: Moderade Returns But Good Development Potential!

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The crypto market has been on a rollercoaster ride for the past 11 months. This last month was especially challenging. The war within the Bitcoin Cash community had a severe effect on the price of cryptocurrencies starting with Bitcoin. BCH suffered the most with the price falling as low as $130. A fall in its market capitalization accompanied the fall in the amount of BCH. Stellar showed quite a bit of variation in the opening of December 2018 and is demanded to go through some minor fluctuations throughout the month. XLM has seen a considerable level of increase in its adoption rate.

What is Stellar?

Stellar Lumens (XLM) is the original cryptocurrency of the Stellar network which contributes real-time, peer-to-peer, decentralized capital transaction, mainly aimed towards international transfer and micropayment markets. People frequently use the terms Stellar, Lumens and Stellar Lumens mutually. Like bitcoin, the Stellar Network is an open-source protocol for value exchange and is supported by a non-profit organization recognized as the Stellar Development Foundation.

Stellar Price Analysis

Just last year, the Stellar increased by 900% and it is now trading at $0.136. Being capable of purchasing a single coin for as low as $0.136 means you can get 730 coins with just $100. This makes it a reasonable alternative to Bitcoin and other more expensive coins. Being able to purchase the coin isn’t the most critical factor. Before you buy a currency, no matter how cheap, you need to be sure that it has the potential to gather gains. This is where the Stellar price prediction 2018 comes in.

How High Can The Price Of Stellar Go?

At the opening of this year, Stellar forecast 2018 was quite optimistic: it was supposed to stay at the level of at least $0.5. However, the currency rose as quickly as it soared. In July 2018, its price was around $0.25. It is challenging to predict the values of any cons in the market. This is because the market was under pressure and the crisis hit the market, and this affected almost 80% of the coins. Stellar was also a victim of this crisis. The currency lost its value and started to trade in the red. This stayed for some time. The coin recovered from the crisis and now is trading back in the green. If the market remains in favor of the digital currency, we can hope that positive returns will come to this coin. XLM can go high up to $2.23 by the end of this year.

Stellar Development Foundation Is Preparing To Launch Their Own Decentralized Exchange

The SDF (Stellar Development Foundation) is presently in the closing phases of preparing the release of their decentralized trading platform (SDEX). The exchange is rumored to be started next month, and they have already declared plans to make changes to the core protocol.

The Effect of the Alteration

The modification of this protocol would change how to sell and purchase orders are carried out on all Stellar-based trading program such as Stellarterm. Presently, it is possible to produce offers of multiple ‘shadow,’ which sums up to more than the wallet’s entire holdings.

These suggestions can then vanish, resulting in a probable manipulation of the order books. While users of trading programs such as Binance are conversant with ‘fake’ sell and purchase walls, these trading platforms at least expect the seller or customer to hold the exact amount of the underlying digital currency, with users not being ready to sell or bid with more significant amounts than the content of their wallets.

The Proposed Update

The proposed update would modify the functionality of the stellar protocol, and also all relevant decentralized trading platforms, bringing in line with how centralized trading platforms operate. Users will only be ready to buy or trade the precise amount that their wallet holds.

By introducing a function acknowledged as “liabilities,” both inbound and outbound obligations would be examined, keeping a record of what an account is purchasing or selling, preventing the administration of this kind of order book.

Although these variations may seem to be comparatively small, it is an unmistakable signal from the Stellar Development Foundation on how severely they’re taking the possible liquidity boost that their revised trading platform and protocol will undergo in the coming months.

Stellar [XLM] Rivals Ripple [XRP] for Cross-border Payments

If XLM is indeed listed on the Coinbase program, it will win one over its competitive Ripple which has for long attempted to be listed on the U.S.-based platform. As Smartereum reported, Coinbase has developed its token listing policy and has added at least two ethereum-based tokens adjacent ethereum classic [ETC] in a short-term.

The exchange has consistently omitted Ripple [XRP] despite a call from the community to list the token which is currently the third highest by market cap. Listing Stellar [XLM] will XRP’s omission all the more apparent.
Ripple and Stellar rivalry stem from their employment in the Fintech space. Just like Ripple, Stellar’s purpose is to make the country to country payments affordable, faster, and more effective at every given time. The difference between the two, however, is that while Ripple is more focused on presenting banks with these services, Stellar is focused on preserving individuals.

Final Thoughts

Stellar (XML) has sights, and it is going to trade well against the USD and BTC. The coin is still affordable, so it’s better to make your investment now to enjoy the benefits later.

DisclaimerThe content provided in the article should not be practiced as it is, and is not meant to provide, investment advice. Coinsmarketcap and its members, representatives, and writers give the information about the coin with careful study. Please conduct your precise survey before investing in any crypto.

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