Stellar Price Prediction, XLM up to $0.6258! – November 2018

Stellar is a payment technology developed upon the Ripple protocol, but it has matured a lot since its inception. Unlike Ripple, Stellar plans to work with emerging markets instead of banking systems and other well-established financial institutes. The Stellar Development Foundation is in the final phases of preparing the launch of their decentralized trading platform (SDEX). The exchange is rumored to be started next month, and they have already declared the plans to make changes to the core protocol.

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Stellar Forecast 2018

XLM is entirely different from Bitcoin regarding transaction endorsement. Instead of using a whole network to verify a transaction, Stellar uses a quorum which is just a part of the entire pool. This is what makes Stellar so fast in handling operations. Because of this characteristic, Stellar is considered to be an excellent choice for small businesses, nonprofits, small banks, and inside-corporation transactions. One of the significant Stellar partnerships is with IBM, as the organization now uses the Stellar network as a corridor for sales across nations in the South Pacific. After the careful analysis of the values of XLM, our predictors have stated that Stellar will be experiencing a growth in its value by the end of this year and may reach up to $0.39 which is a 32.09% hike.

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How high can Stellar price go in 2018?

At the time of writing, Stellar values at $0.2958 per token. XLM is the 6th cryptocurrency in market cap today with a value above $5 billion despite the drop in crypto volume frequently. XLM came into life through the passion for providing superior solutions, and to an extent, this crypto had always kept that promise. Stellar’s steady growth has been magnificent, and there is no doubt about it. At the starting of 2018, the world of cryptocurrencies faced a significant crisis, and the values of almost all the coins plunged down and started to trade in the red. Stellar was also a victim of this crisis. But the crypto managed to pick up its values and now is successfully selling in the green. Our predictors have analyzed the cost of XLM and have declared that the currency will experience a hike in its value and the maximum price it may reach will be around $0.61.

Stellar partners up with IBM

Stellar has declared that it has started its partnership with the corporate company IBM. Open-source, distributed payments infrastructure Stellar (XLM) is striving to surpass 3rd largest coin as it teams up with Keybase to enhance cross-border transactions. Stellar has revealed that it is operating with Keybase, a free security app for mobile phones and computers, to boost cross-border sales.

Stellar Price Today, Tomorrow and This Week

The recent changes in the market did not have a significant impact on XLM. The values dipped, but XLM was quick to react and started to pick up its costs and managed to trade in the green. This was a massive advantage for the coin and grabbed the attention of several investors. XLM made a point with this growth that it is a reliable coin at any circumstances.  XLM price today is marked as $0.2958 with a market cap $5,504,312,370. The predictors believe that the amount is going to have an 11.31% change and will drop to $0.2639. And it is predicted that by the end of this week the value of XLM will again drop down to $0.2316  with a change of 22.15%. These values cannot be taken as it is, the market may fluctuate anytime. But these type of forecasts gives hopes to the investors to continue to fund in this crypto.

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