TenX (PAY) November 2018 Price Predictions, Exchanges and Announcements

What is TenX(PAY)?

TenX itself is a payment system, but it also maintains an associated token under the symbol PAY. TenX is the company behind the ERC20 PAY Token that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain platform. The benefits of owning a PAY token are that the token can increase in value as TenX becomes more popular and you receive rewards from the transactions that will be paid out in Ethereum.

TenX(PAY): History

In May 2015, the idea of TenX was pitched at DBS Blockchain Hackathon which won the first prize. In September 2016, the Alpha version of TenX Wallet went live named TenX, and in the next month, Bitcoin was added as the first supported cryptocurrency. In April 2017, the registration for Singaporean citizens started. In May 2017, Dash and Ether were added as officially supported cryptocurrencies. In June 2017, TenX Initial Token Sale went live globally.

The core team of TenX consists Toby Hoenisch, Michael Sperk, Paul Kittiwong and others. Vitalik Buterin, Bo Shen, and David Lee are among the notable investors in TenX.

How does TenX(PAY) Work?

TenX works just like a regular debit card works for bank accounts. However, instead of Fiat currency of bank accounts, this card utilizes the balance of cryptocurrencies in the user’s TenX wallet. Thus, when the user wants to pay in real life, at a physical store or online, they can open the TenX app in their wallet, select the cryptocurrency to pay with (else the last cryptocurrency chosen will be used by default) and make the payment.

TenX will do the conversion between the cryptocurrency and the fiat currency, and the amount will be instantly deducted from the TenX wallet (and ultimately the cryptocurrency balance), and the seller will receive it in fiat currency.

How to buy TenX(PAY)?

CoinSwitch is the first cryptocurrency and altcoin exchange aggregator. They have integrated many leading exchanges across the globe like ShapeShift, Changelly, Bittrex, blockades to provide best exchange rates to their customers. But before that, the user has to get a wallet with a password that should not be forgotten. The most convenient wallet option for storing your TenX coins- provided by MyEtherWallet which can store any coin on the Ethereum blockchain, including TenX. Then in the exchange, the user can trade the coin.

TenX(PAY) price prediction 2018

The TenX(PAY)price today is $2.21and the market cap value is $231,352,779. The current supply is marked as 104,661,310 PAY, and the volume is $10,025,800. The investors will have profit in this year as the price have variation. TenX(PAY) price chart, exchanges wallets, TenX(PAY) mining, where to buy TenX(PAY), TenX(PAY) history.

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