TRX and EOS Swap – Steps You Should Do

TRX and EOS are going to launch their Mainnets very soon. The investors’ forward-looking event is the swap of EIOS and TRX. The investors will be waiting to move off the coins from their wallet.  It is informed that the Binance will be the first exchange to perform the swap and some other exchanges also may provide this service as well.

How to prepare for the TRX and EOS swaps?

The one who is interested in the EOS and TRON swap needs to do some essential steps before the time of the launch. First of all, if the coin is invested in any of the exchange that is not supporting the swap, you should have to transfer the coin to the Exchange like Binance which support the swaps. Then they will have to create an account and should enable trading.

Those who own EOS also will have to do the same. After the account is opened and funded, then wait for the swap to happen after which they can convert their TRX and EOS balance accordingly. The people will have to face the transaction delays in the coming days as a lot of people will be performing transactions at the same time.

There will be a lot of transactions on Binance exchange. The users who haven’t registered their EOS addresses have a chance to lose their funds.

The users will have to access the EOS wallets that hold their coin before the swap. The users are needed to register as the tokens available are currently on the Ethereum ERC20 format. The EOS will not depend on any other blockchain after the launch of mainnet. The users have to register their Ethereum addresses to introduce ERC20 based tokens to the native EOS tokens in the swap process.

Then the users can transfer their coin before the launch. The users have to be more careful about the platform which should not be the way to lose the coin.

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