Zilliqa Price Prediction, ZIL up to $12.624! – November 2018

Zilliqa is the world’s leading high-throughput public blockchain platform. The ZIL offers elevations on multisignature and smart contract functionalities formerly employed by both bitcoin and Ethereum. It was started with the aim of introducing sharding and transaction scaling on a level that has never been seen before. The recent changes in the market changed the whole aspect of the crypto market. So the investors are demanding the ZIL Analysis. We analyze the value of the crypto and give the possible future costs. These projections are made according to today’s price. It cannot be correct all the time.

Zilliqa Forecast 2018

Ziqilla expects to accelerate growth on its ecosystem with a $5 million developer grant program. The blockchain platform declared that it would start accepting applications for the program. The grant covers individuals and team works to develop tools, libraries and decentralized apps (DApps) in the areas of banking, gaming, digital advertising, media, and more. Our predictors have stated that ZIL will be experiencing a growth in its value by the end of this year and may reach up to $0.21 which is a 267.68% hike.

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How high can Zilliqa price go in 2018?

Zilliqa team is planning on beginning the mainet later on this year, which is supposed to fuel the coins growth further. ZIL which was launched in 2017 has come a long way in a short time. This young crypto has gained the interest of the investing community, thriving both in the market and technology. It has a hard-working team behind it, who in this very short span of time has achieved many great deals for the coin. They had recently launched the Test Net version 2.0 on June 30 which was then made available for public testing. Our predictors have analyzed the amounts of ZIL and have stated that ZIL will experience a hike in its trading values, and by the end of this year, it may go up to $0.29.

Zilliqa (ZIL): History

The Zilliqa partners introduced the theory of sharding in a document in 2015, and since then this protocol has been under examination, refinement and active community. The Project Zilliqa began on Aug 10, 2017. The public testnet and source code of Zilliqa were issued in December 2017. Their internal testnet of 2,400 nodes can process 1,389 events per second. The team behind Zilliqa are, led by our CEO, Xinshu Dong, is a complex mix of deep tech practitioners, venture creators, and financial experts.

Zilliqa Price Today, Tomorrow and This Week

The digital currency is currently trading at $0.0545 after a decrease of 0.95% in the last twenty-four hours. The predictors believe that the amount is going to have a 1.96% change and will increase to $0.0555. And it is predicted that by the end of this week the value of LSK will increase and go up to $0.0647  with a change of 18.77%. These values cannot be taken as it is, the market may fluctuate anytime. But these type of forecasts gives hopes to the investors to continue to fund in this crypto.

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